Sold paintings

Paintings which have already found new homes. Worth a browse, especially if you're looking at the possibility of a commissioned work.

Shoreline; Subdued Sky, Embleton

Canvas painted in acrylic, of the view south from Embleton

70 x 50cm


Shoreline; Towards The Light

The view over the guiding posts to Lindisfarne as the morning light peers through the clouds. Acrylic on canvas

100 x 70cm


Shoreline; Midsummer Bamburgh

Large canvas of Bamburgh, painted from the north in summer

100 x 70cm


Shoreline; Storm Approaching

Panoramic view of Bamburgh painted on a chunky canvas in acrylic

120 x 40 x 7cm


Shoreline; Storm clouds, Dunstanburgh

Large study of Dunstanburgh, painted in acrylics on canvas.

120x80x4 cm


Shoreline; Causeway pools

Large study of the landbetween Lindisfarne and the mainland, painted in acrylic.

80x80x4 cm


Dunstanburgh swell

Painted in watercolour and acrylic on thick paper. Panoramic view of Dunstanburgh.

74x26 cm


Bamburgh swell

Mixed media painting in panoramic format on thick watercolour paper.

74x26 cm


Shoreline; Morning glow

Acrylic painting of Dunstanburgh, using acrylic inks and paint on a chunky canvas.

40x40x4 cm


Blue swell

Mixed media panoramic seascape, pinted in acrylic inks and watercolour

73x26 cm


Shoreline; Early May Morning, Bamburgh.

Panoramic view of Bamburgh, painted in acrylic inks and paints

120 x 40 x 4cm


Shoreline; Still Waters

Mediums sized canvas painted in acrylic inks and paints, showing Bamburgh castle from the North.

70 x 50 x 4cm


Isolated; Refuge

Small canvas of the Pilgrim's Way over to Lindisfarne in acrylics

30 x 30 x 4cm


Isolated; Still Morn

Painting in acrylic inks and paints of Dunstanburgh from Low Newton

40 x 40 x 4cm


Isolated; Unfolding

Study of Bamburgh in the morning, as the light of day unfolds over the castle. Painted in acrylic on a box canvas.

50x50x4 cm


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