Sold paintings

Paintings which have already found new homes. Worth a browse, especially if you're looking at the possibility of a commissioned work.

Prelude, Bamburgh

Acrylic on thick watercolour paper, this study of Bamburgh is  sold unframed.

38.5 x 24.5 cm


Craster towards Dunstanburgh

Study of Dunstanburgh from Craster, in gentle, summer colours.

Acrylic on a textured base.

40 x 40 x 4 cm


Solitude: Dunstanburgh

Early morning isolation on the beach looking south to Dunstanburgh. Mixed media on canvas

100 x 40cm


Solitude: Bamburgh

Using a limited palette of gentle colours, this painting captures the stillness of an isolated beach in early morning. Mixed media on canvas

100 x 40 x 4cm



The early blush of morning emerges from the horizon near Dunstanburgh.
Mixed media on canvas.

80 x 80 x 4cm



Clouds looming in, engulfing the sun, casting shadows over the sea. Mixed media on canvas.

80 x 80 x 1cm


Into The Deep

Depicts the interplay betweeb texture and light as we look down into a rock pool

80 x 80 x 3.5cm


Isolated; October Morn

Large framed acrylic painting looking south towards Dunstanburgh

Price includes specialist transportation

Painting size approx. 74 x 54cm, framed size approx. 102 x 78cm


Sea Window; Summer Storm

Acrylic seascape on canvas showing a lively sea as storm clouds move down the coast.

Price includes specialist transportation.

120 x 80cm


Shimmering Light

A mixed media, abstracted rock pool on canvas with a white surround
Light shimmers across the rock and weed.
Painted using acrylic ink, paint, texture, pastels and textiles.

Price includes delivery

40 x 40cm


Night Retreats

A framed watercolour in deep blues and green tones.
Price includes specialist transportation.

Image size approx 75 x 55cm, framed size approx 101 x 82cm


Solitude; An Early Glow

Acrylic painting of Dunstanburgh under looming clouds with reflections in the wet sand.
Price includes delivery.

40 x 40cm


Elements; Winter's Day At Dunstanburgh

Mixed media painting of Dunstanburgh from Embleton using acrylic paint, texture, pastels and textiles.

Price includes specialist transportation.

120 x 80 cm canvas


Elements; Tempestuous Sky

A large textured painting on canvas showing a mix of heavy cloud and light breaking through over Embleton Bay.

150 x 100cm


Aqua Green Reflections

Mixed media seascape painting

30 x 30 cm


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