Sold paintings

Paintings which have already found new homes. Worth a browse, especially if you're looking at the possibility of a commissioned work.

Isolated: Emergence

Panoramic seascape of Dunstanburgh. Mixed media study.

56 x 18 cm


Isolated: Summer storm 2

Acrylic study on box canvas. Seascape with an interplay of dark rainclouds and brighter breaks, creating patterns of colour and light.

70 x 50 x 4 cm


Isolated: Glowering sky

A stormy day on the Northumberland coast. Depicting Dunstanburgh from Craster under an angry sky. Painted using wax, acrylic inks, acrylic paints and pastel.

56 x 36 cm


Isolated; Morning glow, Dunstanburgh

Mixed media study of Dunstanburgh from Embleton, in acrylic ink, acrylic paint and pastel.

56 x 38 cm


Red Sea, Craster

Acrylic study of Dunstanburgh from the village of Craster, with stormy clouds rolling in.

40 x 40 x 4 cm


Isolated: Causeway

Large, mixed media painting of the guide posts leading over to Lindisfarne. Painted in watercolour, acrylic inks & paint and pastel.

57 x 37 cm


Causeway triptych

three painstings depicting the Pilgrim's way over to Lindisfarne. Mixed media.

Three by 26 cm squares


Bamburgh triptych

Triptych consisting of three 26 cm square paintings, of Bamburgh., in watercolour. Can be displayed in one frame or in three.

Three 26 cm squares.


Night patterns

Large watercolour, showing patterns of light, shadow and form. Part of the marine, night traffic series.

54 x 36 cm (image)


Night vision

Part of the the series depicting the marine night economy. Large watercolour.

54 x 36 cm (image)


Night glow

Large watercolour, showing a glimpse of the marine traffic during the night hours.

54 x 36 cm (image)


Southern drift

Large watercolour original painting depicting a heavy swell swell, blown in by strong, southerly winds.

74 x 54 cm (image)



Large, framed watercolour, currently exhibited in the gallery. depicts large sea swell, blown in by onshore winds.

54 x 36 cm (image)


Isolated; Breakthrough

A mixed media painting on canvas of Dunstanburgh from Embleton Bay at dawn

50 x 50 x 4cm


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